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[Substratum] Belo v21.0 Patched [Latest]

  • Legacy ROMs: custom AOSP Marshmallow and Nougat 7.0 ROMs and Nexus stock Marshmallow and Nougat 7.0 ROMs
    • Doesn’t work on android 7.1.x
    • You won’t be able to install the theme if you have installed Lucky Patcher on your device
    • You have to be rooted.

Friendly user tutorial on how to install the theme:

  • For Legacy ROMs: Make sure you first delete vendor/overlay folder if you previously use layers on your ROM
  • Install Substratum theme engine app from Play Store
  • Install Belo
  • Run Substratum app, allow the SuperSU permission, allow modify system settings
  • Click on Belo (big button in the Substratum app)
  • Go to Overlay manager tab and tick the switch to select all overlays
  • Press the fab button (big round button with brush icon)
  • For Legacy ROMs: Press Install
  • For OMS ROMs: Press Build & Enable
  • For Legacy ROMs: Wait until it installs all the overlays and then reboot
  • Install additional font and sound packs if you want
  • #longwhiteui
  • For those who give 1 star before reading the instructions we have only one thing to say “You Know Nothing, Jon Snow.”

    • Android System
    • Calculator (AOSP & Google)
    • Telecom
    • Contacts (AOSP & Google)
    • DocumentsUI
    • Emergency Information
    • Gmail
    • Keyboard (Google)
    • Play Store
    • Google Play Service
    • Google+
    • Google Messenger
    • Package Installer (AOSP & Google)
    • Dialer (AOSP & Google)
    • Phone Services
    • Settings
    • SuperSU
    • SystemUI (headers and navbar)
    • YouTube
    • substratum

    I’ll keep adding more apps and options…


    • Lots of bug fixes, mostly for 7.1.1 OMS ROMs


    • Belo [substratum] Screenshot
    • Belo [substratum] Screenshot
    • Belo [substratum] Screenshot
    • Belo [substratum] Screenshot
    • Belo [substratum] Screenshot
    • Belo [substratum] Screenshot


    [Substratum] Belo v21.0 Patched / Mirror

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