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Download Injustice: Gods Among Us 2.21 – Android Championship + Mods + Data


Injustice: Gods Among Us v2.21 + Mod- The game “Injustice: The Gods Among Us” Ultra and Unbelievable Android Mobile Data + Trailer
Normal Edition + Mods (with the features listed) 19659003] Tested with full implementation and no need for internet
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Injustice: Gods Among Us In Farsi (Injustice: The Gods Among Us) New and wonderful game with fantastic graphics. And stunning in the style of the Cabaret games and the action for the operating system Android which has long been released today in the PlayStation! The game Amazing storyline fight between you and your favorite heroes, including Superman, Batman, etc., to fight other heroes and experience the best adventure and action game on your Android. Bring you! The story starts from where Jokers poison Superman, and Superman kills his wife and his family because of this poisoning that affects his brain and makes the city chaos! At the beginning of game Batman is being interrogated by Joker, who finds Superman, and because of the joke that sounds, Super I make her work! During this time, the story of a switch to the old time and several years ago, where Batman went to Junkers' meeting, sees no news of joking, and ran away; there are different things that eventually the Joker button activates the bomb

During this time, some other heroes like Wonderwoman Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Aquaman, along with Batman along with Jokers are transmitted to space, and the next time (that is where we first saw the game and Superman destroyed everywhere, Jokers and some other people were killed)! It's all the wonder why they were teleporting in the next time instead of blasting the bomb! Even the joker himself was surprised at the incident and did not know what had happened! We are now in a position where Superman takes control of the city and the rest of the heroes, whether they are unwilling to follow it! Otherwise superman will take their lives without any hesitation, and nobody thinks! Where these heroes are faced with their own future and they see a different personality! Where the unclear points of the game are turned on!

Some features of the action game Injustice: Gods Among Us Android:

  • Being Types of Characters in Cinematic Films
  • Collecting Comic Symbols of Batman, Cyborg, Superman, etc.
  • Performing Exciting and Exciting Attacks on the Fight
  • Having HD Graphics Stunning with exciting sounding

The graphics of the game Injustice: Gods Among Us its soundplay and gameplay are well-executed and very similar to the famous MK 2011 game! In addition to placing the game above for Android we also have a trailer for it, so if you look at it at the same time and read the story of the game, you will understand the whole story of the game! We have been installing game files and data for various processors today in and .

* Great update with new features + fix various problems and improve game graphics

Instructions Install and Run Injustice: Gods Among Us:

First step: Download and install one of the installation files in accordance with your processor!

Second step: One of the data files in accordance with the processor G Download it: Uncompress it; copy the folder com.wb . goog.injustice on the Android / obb path of the internal memory and finally play the game offline.

Stage III:

Enjoy the game endus

Additional Description

Modal Features:

– Infinite Coin

– Infinite Ally Credits

– Character Stamina Infinite

– Detect Fraud Detection

** Before installing the game mode version, find and download on the Google Play game; download the few kilobytes that you download; Use the mood.

If you want to have a regular version, So take your phone and put me in a special way and by visiting the Google Play until a typical installation. Play page on Google Play]

** The second version of the game is also available on the site.

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