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Download Mushroom 11 1.12.9 – Arcade game “Mushroom 11” Android + Data


Mushroom 11 v1.12.9 Full – Arcade Super Mushroom 11 Android Andy Data
Price $ 4.99 – The Complete Version of Your Dearest Birds
Tested With Offline Run

Mushroom 11 – Mushroom 11 A fantastic new fantastic game with a fantastic arcade in the style of arcade and adventure games from the Untame studio for Android which was published with the price of $ 4.99 in the great Google market and decided as always. We for the first time in Iran introduce it to you as lovers of certain Android bays! The most important reason that makes “Mushroom 11” a very innovative and unique game, which makes the game known from the very first seconds as a different work, is the completely new mechanic that it introduces, when we say “Innovative “The goal is to create a normal and unexpected change; this game offers an unprecedented experience! Though the two-dimensional appearance and surroundings of the game remind you of other puzzle / racing games in which you have to move from right to left, this innovation is not in the form of environments but in what you control and, in fact, This is an element that has created different stages! The herb “Mushroom 11” is a piece of gelatinous material; you can by moving away parts of this bizarre organic mass, moving it to whatever direction you want, because in less than a second seconds, the cleansed pieces on the side The opposite of the material grows again, so, for example, to move the material to the left of the image, you need to clear its right side. The hero of the game has a great flexibility, that is, as soon as the body is cleansed, it starts to sting! If it hits the wall, it rises, emptying the spaces to its final size, and sometimes it must be shifted to balance its balance between two things! If you're an enthusiast of certain games Android which despite the great build of gaming with adventure, we suggest you do not miss any Mushroom 11!

The game Mushroom 11 has been purchased several thousand times by Android users around the world from Google Policies and has been able to win a high score of 4.8 out of 5.0 that is able to Forex ] Get the latest and most purchased version! In the entertainment industry these days many products have been made with the theme of surfing in a post-apocalyptic and empty world of the past. So, it's hard to step into a field that's somewhat handy and fresh to emanate from it. “Mushroom 11,” but manages to separate himself from the rest of the work of the end of the world; as its name implies, the game's perspective of the earth is destroyed by numerous atomic explosions. But here, not with a post-apocalyptic world, which is post-extinct. Since the whole of mankind is burned in the fire of war, so that the eye works, the news of any living creature is not familiar with the distant past, and only the remnants and survivors of things such as the rustling carvings of town hall or panels, graffiti and photos of man That makes me think that humans lived here once! The world of this game should not be left uncovered, and the first half of the “Mushroom 11” is so perfect and engaging that it brings exciting moments to you. After that, decide for yourself whether you can deal with the test and error system! Stay tuned for additional details and free download for our paid version of the game!

Changes to this version v1.12.9:

* The version is not listed on Google Play

Installation and execution instructions:

– Download and install the installation file first. 19659009] – Download and unzip the data file. Copy the com.untame.mushroom folder 1 onto Android / Obb's internal memory.

– Run the game.

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