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Download Pulsator 1.07 – Android Arcade & Fun “Pulse”! Free


Pulsator – Pulcer is a fascinating, arcade-style arcade game from the SaucyGames gaming studio for Android tablets and smartphones that have been published on Google Play with for $ 0.99 . We decided to introduce you to the lovers of casual games as soon as possible. In this game you have to rotate around the nucleus in a certain place like electrons and collect points. With more time and progress, the speed of the game increases, which requires more action. In the meantime, there will be obstacles on your way that you must be safe with the correct predictions. The gameplay is very simple in which you have access to two buttons inside and out at the bottom of your screen, which you must use to control your character. If you're a fan of the arcade game and you're interested in the Pulsator game, you can download it and, after experiencing it, tell us what the point is for this game.

The game Pulsator has just been released and has not sold much that you can download from the first person in the world who has experienced it. The game has good graphics than its volume, and there is good sound for background and collisions. Also, with more points you can release 8 different powers, each of which has their own application. You will be able to watch the game's pictures and then if you would like to download the full version and purchased the game for free from the high-speed servers Forex . As you know, this game has been tested by us as well as other games on the site without any problems.

Changelog v1.07:

* Added online scores
* Added 3 new characters

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