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Download The You Testament: The 2D Coming 1.040 – A special and fantastic adventure game for your “Covenant” Android! Free


The Teeth Testament: The 2D Coming is an incredibly beautiful and special adventure game featuring a stylish design from the MDickie studio for Android, which has been released for free on Google Play and has been decided as always For the first time in Iran we introduce it to you and you will delight the lovers of certain games! The You Testament: The 2D Coming puts you in the role of a Prophet that is supposed to go over 50 particular stories! You appear as a Prophet and are in a place where you can repeat or rewrite history! There are more than 200 different characters with specific beliefs and values ​​in the game, you have to guide them to the right path and use all your efforts to help them with the special powers they possess from the darkness. Guide to the light! MDickie Games are some of the special games that do not have the same graphics, but they have such an intriguing gameplay that delights everyone around the world! If you are an adventure enthusiast, no doubt The You Testament: The 2D Coming is worth a try!

The game The You Testament: The 2D Coming In less than a couple of hours, hundreds of thousands of times have been received from Google Policies by Android users around the world and won [19659007] a high score of 4.7 out of 5.0 [19659003]. You will first be able to view video and video games from the game, and finally, if you would like, one click downloading high-speed servers Forex .

Note: [Ifthegameisreadythereleaseversionwillbereleasedfordownload

V1.040 version changes:

* [Variousoptimizationsandfixinggameproblems

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